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Derek’s attention grew when he heard the door opening.
"Hey."he heard Stiles’ voice.A sudden weight leaned on him, and Derek opened his eyes.
"Stiles, what are you-"
"Not a time for talking" Stiles put his finger on Derek’s lips, slipping his right hand next to Derek’s waist.
Derek felt a shiver down his spine,not even trying to protest. He almost cursed himself when he felt Stiles’ warm breath on his neck.
"You know,in the past few weeks a lot of things happened,and-" Stiles continued to kiss Derek’s throat and enjoying the sounds he moaned out. 
"Stiles?" Derek managed to cut him off. 
"What?"now Stiles’ arms were on his things .
"Shut up." Derek released a loud moan.
Derek sat on the bed,staring in the two framed pictures on the wall. Stiles’ head was resting on his shoulder,his hand was slowly rubbing Derek’s chest with his hand. Finally , Stiles decided to break the silence.
"I hope you’re not mad at me,Derek."
"Should i be?" Derek’s eyes were still focused on the pictures.
"Well i don’t know,i just wanted to help you. And, i felt like it was the right thing to do,i’m sorry if i did anything wrong."
Derek finally shifted his attention to Stiles.
"What makes you think i need help? That i need remedy?"he swallowed.
"Look, you don’t need to act all alpha growly at me," Stiles half-hugged Derek with his other arm."I know it’s hard… especially when you are trying to stay strong and keep things in control. And it’s going to be okay."
"I hope so." Derek spoke quietly. 
"And if it’s not…we can pretend…at least for a while."
Stiles managed to put on a smile, even though he knew Derek could sense his heart beat. He relied Stiles head on his shoulder, arms slowly wrapping around the boy.

They could just pretend…
for a while…

ps.sorry,i sometimes think i can write.
I’m just really emotional these days…
*goes and hides in the corner*

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